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Production and services offered by the divisions


TP Belene - making Janov, boards and other articles bichmeta in size and customer order.

TP Bobov Dol - made beehives are tolling, burial coffins on-demand, small bits of carpentry and other such requests by the client.

TP Vratza - sawing wood on a massive gang-saw.

TP Plovdiv - are available band-saw and dryer, where take orders for sawing and drying material.

TP Plovdiv / HE Smolyan / - produces beams, planks needed for construction. Accepts orders for sawing timber the size of the client. Perform service - sawing logs tolling


TP Bobov Dol - establish a network of fencing is galvanized standard phone network is made not only in standard sizes, but at the request of the client with his or her preferences on the length, height and size of the grid boxes.

TP Burgas - manufacture of boxes for weapons and safe deposit boxes, safes multicellular hotels, security doors and entrance gates, decorative grills, fences and railings.

TP Varna - produce different models for weapons crates, metal doors, security grilles, etc..

TP Vratza - there is an opportunity for order of metal doors, cabinets, screens, fences, crates and boxes, household goods and souvenirs.

TP Lovech - has come to zapilvane shmirgelovane and details of cast iron products.

TP Pazardzhik - fireplace accessories, metal doors, grilles, safes for valuables and weapons.

TP Plovdiv - manufacture of safes for valuables and weapons, pipe furniture, furniture for schools, retail outlets, producing school ranks, chairs, Stand tables, shelves, fence screens, metal doors and dr.Tsehat also made Lathe services manufactures bolts, pins, and boxes for long and short smooth grooved arms ..

TP Sofia - produced and metal grilles, fences, doors, safes for valuables or weapons.

Furniture Production

TP Boychinovtsi - In carpentry workshop producing furniture according to individual customer orders.

TP Varna - specializing in the manufacture of furniture for homes, offices and hotels. Great interest has to manufacture workshop vrati.Priemat contracts from private individuals and companies in their projects.

TP Vratza - furniture made from chipboard, solid wood and metal. Furniture for home, office, retail outlets, hotels, medical and childcare.

TP Lovech - producing sofas tolling.

TP Plovdiv - specializing in the manufacture of kitchen furniture, office equipment, baby furniture and hotel furniture. Orders from private individuals and companies in their projects, including coffins.

TP Sofia - performed and individual client orders for furniture for the home - children's pens, beds, wardrobes, for the garden - tables, benches, chairs, folding chairs for the office - desks, shelves.

TP Stara Zagora - specialist and has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of: hotel furniture according to individual customer requirements and in line with modern trends in the industry, producing all kinds of furniture for offices, taking into account the mandatory requirements for functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics ; furnish a comprehensive administrative and industrial buildings, as well as all areas of the house, with a special love and attention to produce furniture for every age child.

The furniture is made of laminate and solid wood, in accordance with modern standards. To fulfill individual orders and contracts for projects of the customer, by offering opportunities for choice of color solutions as well as the origin of inputs.

Clothing production

TP Lovech - producing mattresses, pillows and furniture suitable bedding.

TP Sliven - has a vast collection of work wear. Products include men's and women's work wear for industrial enterprises, construction companies and services - suits, tunics, aprons, and cami-knicks polugashtirizoni, warm work clothes. With great interest to use clothing and accessories for prophylactic institutions and medical staff. Welcome and clothing are sold for kitchen staff and food industry. Workshop made summer and winter clothing for security and other special needs.

Knitting furniture and wicker products

TP Bobov Dol - 52 items to produce furniture and miscellaneous products by catalog or model of the client.

TP Pazardzhik - established manufacturer of knitted garden furniture. It is proposed that a wide range of products for home, garden and house.

TP Pleven - Manufacture of woven furniture suitable for home, garden and Zabad. Small wicker products complement your home decor.

PVC and aluminum windows

TP Burgas - Aluminum and PVC windows and doors with Bulgarian profiles.

TP Sofia - a workshop for the manufacture of PVC.

Ceramic production

TP Stara Zagora - The ceramics workshop in the village is Montenegro produce bricks - a single solid block and 3.85. Thanks to the quality of inputs and improving the technological process, the bricks are of high quality.

Fabrication and packaging of household cleaners

TP Lovech - producing household linen tolling.

TP Sliven - performed on a complete "tolling"

Hand sewing of shoes tolling

Available in units of Bobov Dol, Pazardzhik, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora


TP Belene - the territory of the island of Persina is Villa Ribarnika, which is located near the arm of the Danube River suitable for recreation, fishing and recreation. That has 2 suites 2 double rooms, kitchen and common room. For guests in the spring and summer cottage has a BBQ and a large gazebo.

TP Sofia - utilities reservoir is located in s.Kazichene located more than 200 acres. area and intended for lovers of sport fishing. Stocked with scaly and naked carp, bighead carp, grass carp, catfish, pike, bream, okley, rudd .... In addition to the needs of fishermen and ponds is a nice place for recreation. It has a bar and kitchen, where a place in nature, can be cooked the fish caught.

Other industries and services

TP Belene has administrative-bit complex of 10 rooms, 2 suites and a conference hall which can be used for seminars, training programs and workshops.

TP Bobovdol offers the services of a car wash.

In TP Vratsa manufactures a full range of medical equipment to doctors kabineti.Sashto so out painting, welding, Lathe, Milling, clothing and upholstery services, and brilliantly galvanizing metal parts.

In TP Pazardzhik jewelry are made with materials supplied for export.

In TP Plovdiv / HE Smolyan / cow produces high-quality cheese 4 to 6% fat and no additives of additional vegetable oil.

TP Sliven - in the workshop production of household cleaners and there is free production area and can take other actions with largely manual operations.

In DP FZD "Zagora unit to operate transport services with freight cars" Scania "- 30 pt and Skoda Europe" - 16 pt TP Stara Zagora has free production areas, which provides for the development of joint or separate production activities.

All units except the reformatory Boychinovtsi offer an opportunity for recruitment and contracting for granting work under favorable conditions.