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GE Prisons Production - MINISTRY OF JUSTICE - Construction

Министерство на правосъдието

Профил на купувача

Building and construction and repair activities

Building and construction and repair activities of the enterprise from the beginning of 2005. and have since completed more than 50 sites. 

Entity has qualified engineering staff, own transport equipment, machinery and plant for the production of PVC and aluminum windows. 

GE Prisons Production was contracted after winning contracts with the Ministry of Justice, BDZ EAD - Sofia, GE Transport Construction and Rehabilitation "," EIBANK AD and other entities. 

By - large objects commissioned and performed by GE Prisons Production are: 

Construction works to restore the pontoon bridge over the Danube connecting the town of Belene and Fr. Persin-02.2005y.; 
Reconstruction of the existing building of Oz Average Gora Pirdop to prison in the town of Pazardzhik-07.2005y.; 
Office of Economic and Investment Bank AD-Pleven 08.2006g.; 
Replacement of vertical water and sewerage pipes of Arrests of Street GMDimitrov "Sofia - 09.2006y.; 
Reconstruction and overhaul of IV floor, west wing in the prison dormitory Smolyan Plovdiv to jail, for the regional unit "Arrests" - Smolyan-11.2006y.; 
Current repairs of Unit 2 PVC "railroader" Varna-05.2006y.; 
Current repairs of buildings / resort Primorsko-05.2006y.; 
Repair roof of the hall for technical review and a small periodic repair department bogies and rinsing in "Locomotive depot Sofia; 
Current repair offices, structured cabling systems and materiel with office equipment - outfit BDZ - SPED. 08.2006y. 
10. Repair Workshop Profiling "Plovdiv - 07.2007y. 

11. Upgrading the courthouse town of Smolyan to the needs of the administrative court - Smolyan - 10.2007y. 

12. Reconstruction of Lovech prison and prison dormitory - Troyan - 12.2007 year 

13. Overhaul of objects in jail - Varna and the construction of facilities for visiting - 12.2007 

14. Repair of office building, available on DG 

"Security" - on 06.2008 

15. Overhaul of the premises of DG IN - 08.2008, the 

16. Reconstruction of building for the needs of Arrests - Plovdiv, 

located within the prison city of Plovdiv - 09.2008, the 

17. Reconstruction and upgrading of an existing building for the needs of 

Administrative Court - Lovech - 01.2009 year 

18. Designed and built / engineering / construction of - assembly 

work for lining facades, replacement windows, new entrance canopy to the west 

facade and the internal network safety and security / alarm system, 

CCTV, fire alarm, a second power supply circuit / a 

Pazardzhik courthouse. 

19. Supply and installation of furniture needs coffee bar located at the "Maria Luiza" № 101 of the BMW LTD. 10.2009y. 


GE Prisons Production Affairs has introduced a system of quality management ISO 9001:2008 - certificate № Q 038109/05.06.2009 years, management of the environment ISO 14001:2004 - Certificate № E 019609/05.06.2009 yr . and to manage health and safety OHSAS 18001:2009 - Certificate № ON 000709/05.06.2009 years for construction and building repairs.