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Министерство на правосъдието

Профил на купувача

About us

GE "Prison Production" is a legal person within the meaning of Article 62, paragraph 3 of the Commercial Code and was created by 01.01.2003g. with the Law on execution of punishments, with seat in Sofia and territorial units in prisons and correctional homes. By Decision № 1/31.10.2003g. SCC of the company was registered under the Trade Act. It is not a company and carry out management activities related to improving conditions for the execution of the sentence of imprisonment, increasing the scope of employment of prisoners, and carry out other activities that assist, accompany or complement its main fields of activity.

According to Art. 38. (1) of ZINZS company conducts its business through the revenue from business and other activities carried out in places of detention; from rented buildings and facilities; from undue part of the remuneration of prisoners, seized by items and money that prisoners have no right to hold and enjoy, from funds withheld from the wages of those sentenced to probation with the measure imposed forced labor, donations from individuals and entities and others. and has full financial autonomy.

In 2003 to fund "Case Closed" is a business in the places of detention within the budget, funds are supplied in extra-budgetary accounts. With the release of fund "Close Case" and situating in the DS 'Fund Case closed "is a uniform planning and management processes associated with improving working conditions by optimizing business that is a source for funding of capital improvement conditions. This restructuring has placed business done by the prisoners in terms of market competition, allows for increasing employment and the level of resocialization, including technical and vocational training of inmates.

Separation of business revenue than the budget allows should not be reallocated to other budget items, but to be invested to improve conditions in places serve a custodial sentence.

The creation of the PD Fund closed case "and allows for a more detailed representation of the results of the business, cash flows and underlying investments of the establishment of branches and strands. This leads to a fuller presentation of these themes, which are aimed formed by means of improving business conditions in places to serve a custodial sentence.


The main activities of DP FZD are:

- Construction - repairs
- Livestock and crop;
- Metal;
- Furniture;
- Clothing manufacture;
- Production of PVC window frames
- Knitting articles of furniture and wicker;
- Wood;
- Ceramic production;
- Industrial services;
- Business;
- Providing prisoners to work